Brightways allows administrators to create and manage their own Resources using the Manage client resources button and its features.

Some resources are webpages that are very long; these often benefit from having links within the document (for example, a table of contents that links to that location in the resource webpage.)


  • Anchor: A LOCATION within a webpage to link to, must be uniquely named among other anchors.
  • Link: A hyperlink linking to a location, either another page (e.g. an external page, ‘’) or a named anchor location (e.g. within the same webpage: ‘#topics’)

The first step in being able to link to a location in the resource, is to create an ‘anchor’ tag for the link to ‘anchor’ to.

  1. Select the word(s) at the location in the resource you want to link to. That text is what will automatically be used as the anchor name.

    NOTE1: Remember this text/anchor name, you will need it later.

    NOTE2: The selected text/anchor name must be unique to any other anchors created.(eg: you can’t use ‘next’ as an anchor name more than once within the same webpage). You can, however, link to an anchor multiple times.

  2. Click the button.


  1. Text Selected is “Subscriptions”, the header for this section of content on the page. text selected

  2. Anchor Button is clicked. anchor button

  3. Result - “#subscriptions” becomes the named anchor tag that’s created.


Now create the link to the anchor.

  1. Select the word(s) you want the link to include.

  2. Click the button.

  3. Insert (in all lowercase) the text of the anchor preceded by a ‘#’


  1. Link text selected - in this case, “SUBSCRIPTIONS” at the top of this page. text selected

  2. Insert Link Dialogue - here, “#subscriptions” insert anchor link