To start using FERPA Agreements in Client Settings set Enable FERPA agreements to Yes. This will enable the FERPA Agreements interface for parents and staff and trigger the parent tasks to add/update FERPA Agreements for their students. Parents will be prompted to add agreements for students that are enrolled in the newest school year and do not have an agreement. Thereafter, parents will be prompted to update their students FERPA Agreements when they re-enroll each year.

User Tasks

When one or more students in a family requires an updated FERPA Agreement a task will display on the parent dashboard prompting users to add/update agreements. Parent dashboard tasks are visible to both parents and staff members who have access to the dashboard. Additionally, on the ILP parents will see a task prompt to add/update a FERPA Agreement if the enrollment is in the newest school year. Parents cannot bypass the ILP task and must complete it before adding courses to the ILP.

FERPA parent dashboard task


The FERPA Agreement fields are available for export. They can be accessed from Student or Enrollment exports and are in the FERPAAgreement section.

FERPA export fields

  • School Year Name - School year the FERPA Agreement was last updated for
  • Submitted On - Date the FERPA Agreement was updated