Families input through online Enrollment Application

  1. Click SIGNUPS tab.

  2. Index list shows families who submitted online application.

  3. Information in index table, includes, from left to right: date application was Submitted, primary parent’s Name and number of Student’s enrolled.

Input families manually

  1. Click FAMILIES tab and the green ‘Add Family’ button.

  2. Fill-in New Parent form, including the basic information and parent’s unique login; Ensure that login is Active — “Yes”

  3. Click ‘Create Parent’ then you will be redirected to Family’s main page.

  4. To add a Student, click the ‘Students’ tab ( in the family, not the navigation tab at the top ), then complete the form’s required fields (indicated by blue labels) at minimum.

  5. Click ‘Create Student’. You will be redirected to Student’s page.

  6. To setup their enrollment, click the ‘Enrollment’ tab on the student (not the navigation ‘Enrollments’ tab)