Family Users

NOTE: If your system is integrated with an online Enrollment Application, then your family (“Primary Parent”) will have already created a login (username/password) when they signed up. Use this method for resetting a family’s login, or if the family was input into the system manually.

Edit an existing Primary Contact for a Family.

  1. Find Family using FAMILIES tab/index page (or through link from individual Student page)

  2. Click to Edit the parent (in same row as parent’s name)

  3. Form is same as for Staff, but without Roles & Programs section

  4. Click Save Parent

Add a parent to a family

  1. Click the FAMILIES navigation tab.

  2. Click the Family Contact Name you want to add a parent to.

  3. Click the ‘Parents’ tab.

  4. Click ‘Add Parent’.

  5. After filling out the form, click ‘Create Parent’

Edit/Delete a parent.

  1. From the Parent Tab(see step 1-3 above), hover over your mouse over the row with the parent you want to edit/delete.
    • if on a touch device, tap the row with the parent info in it, this will display the buttons.
  2. Click the Edit/Delete Button.

  3. If deleting, it will ask you to confirm. If editing it will give you a form, update as needed, and click ‘Update Parent’ when ready.