The Registrar is the only type of user who can verify a student’s grades. Completing this task is especially important when the student has completed a course from an “Other Institution”, which is responsible for official course grades

  1. Navigate to the Student’s appropriate Progress reports
  2. Once the student’s course grade for that school term has been Submitted (by you, the parent, or Contact Teacher) and Approved (by you or the Contact Teacher) click to Verify that the input grade is accurate.

If the course grade submitted is not accurate, then click to Edit that term’s grades. Make sure to Save grade changes.

If the Registrar inputs a course grade “from scratch”, then the Registrar can input and verify all term grades in one step: On the Add/Edit Grades page,after inputting all course grades, select the Status “Verified” at the bottom of the page, just above the Save button. Remember, this verifies ALL term grades, not just a single course.