From the Families list page, or anywhere the Family is a link, you can get to a Family’s main information, or “show,” page. This page is where all of the data associated with a family is centralized — contact information, parent logins, students, computers, and log notes. Access to the Parent (Family) Dashboard and to their current Enrollment Application is also provided here.

family page screenshot

Once on this page, click any blue-colored text or tab to view the information or lists related to that label. For example, under the Students tab, you’ll see the family’s complete list of students they have ever enrolled in your program.

family's student list screenshot

Getting to a Family Dashboard

Sometimes an advisory teacher will be on the phone with a parent to walk them through how to complete a task, such as the ILP or PR. An advisory teacher can see essentially the same view as a parent by navigating to their Family Dashboard.

To do this, simply go to the Family page and click the link listed under the parent’s name that’s labeled Parent Dashboard. Please review the Family Help section for details about how to use features from this page.