Contact Log Entries

Assigned teachers and all counselors are all eligible to mark a family log as a contact. They have three contact options to select from:

Contact Option Description Icon
Contacted The family was successfully contacted
Attempted Contact was attempted but not successful
No Contact The log entry does not involve a contact  

Contact Type

Contact log have a type of either teacher or counselor. For most users this type will be set automatically. However, if a user is an assigned teacher and a counselor they will have to select the contact type when entering a log.

Contact Method

For contact log entires users are required to select a contact method of email, phone, or office visit.

Contact log entry form

Data Fields

Four contact data fields are stored on families and available for export:

  • last_teacher_attempted_contact_on: date of the last attempted contact by a coach or teacher
  • last_teacher_successful_contact_on: date of the last successful contact by a coach or teacher
  • last_counselor_attempted_contact_on: date of the last attempted contact by a counselor
  • last_counselor_successful_contact_on: date of the last successful contact by a counselor


Brightways provides a built in export called Contact Report. In addition to the last contact fields stored in the database this report includes the following calculations:

  • first_family_log_time: date and time of the first family log
  • days_until_log: number of days between when the family was created and the first family log was entered
  • family_log_within_five_days?: Y if first log was created within five days, otherwise N