Quick exports are accessible from the Exports drop-down menu on the Families, Students, and Enrollments pages. The exports respect the current search filters set on those pages allowing users to pull exports of targeted records. For example, a contact teacher can filter the records down to their assigned families with enrollments in the current school year. Export files are in CSV format and can be opened in any spreadsheet program (Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, Google Sheets, etc…) to view, sort, and filter the results.

filter families

Families Page Exports

The Families export includes all the families that match the current search filters. This export includes the family contact information under Primary Contact and the successful and attempted last contact dates for teachers and counselors. The Primary Contact - Email column can be used to create a mail merge in Microsoft Excel to send an email to all the families included in the export file.

The Students export includes all the students in the families that match the current set of filters. Only students that match the current filters will be included. The export columns are the same as the ones on the Students Page.

export families and students

Students Page Exports

The Students export includes both the student’s contact information and their family contact information.

export families and students

Enrollments Page Exports

The enrollments page has a basic Enrollments export and a Contact export that are available to all staff members. The Enrollments includes the student contact information, key enrollment fields including course and credit counts, along with family contact information.

The Contact report includes basic enrollment fields combined with all the last contact data fields from each student’s family.

Staff Members with the Enrollments Manage role have access to three additional OASIS exports: Fall OASIS, Participation Rate, and Summer OASIS. These exports are updated each year to match the state of Alaska Department of Education’s published OASIS data collection handbooks.

export families and students